how to train a puppy to retrieve

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To help your dog grab the duck,spend some time playing Fetch with the floating item. Preferably in the water. Your dog will understand that you want the item,so he will bring it to you. A good practicing idea is to shoot your rifle,gun,etc. Into the air and then throw the floating item for your dog to retrieve.

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  • How do you teach a dog to retrieve?

  • A local firefighter, who trained bird hunting dogs, came in to teach us all (the prisoners and the volunteers) how to teach dogs to retrieve. He put the dog (a large lab) up on a grooming-type table, attached the noose around his neck (so he had restricted movement), and set the retrieve item on the table next to the dog.

  • Why Teach a retriever to retrieve?

  • There are several reasons that you will be glad you went through the effort of teaching a retriever to retrieve as the dog gets older. First, playing fetch is one of the easiest ways of exercising your dog. You cannot run as fast or as far as your dog.

  • How do you train a dog to retrieve a dummy?

  • Feel free to rile your dog up with it for a little bit beforehand to get him excited to retrieve. Then throw the dummy into the water without the decoys at first. Even if your dog is not outright retrieving at first, be nearby and prepared to reward him if he directs himself to the dummy.

  • How long does it take for a puppy to learn retrieve?

  • The layers of learning allowed a barely four-month-old puppy to play through all five key layers to a brilliant retrieve done within a four-minute fun-filled learning session. I incorporate each of these five important elements of a brilliant retrieve as a way of life for my dogs.

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