how to train a sniffer dog

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How do you train a sniffer dog?Start teaching your dog to target a specific scentlike a drug or explosive. Put the scent in a container and introduce other containers and scents. Command your dog to find it and reward him only for indicating the desired target scent.

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  • How do you train a sniffer dog to sniff out marijuana?

  • To begin sniffer dog training, the handler plays with the dog using a towel, which is vacuumed and carefully washed without scent to the trainee. Next, the marijuana bag, for example, is wrapped inside a towel.

  • What is a sniffer dog used for?

  • A sniffer dog is used by law enforcement and authorities to locate illegal drugs, blood, explosives, and other substances. These dogs may be employed at crime scenes, public places or gatherings, or at national borders or security checkpoints, to aid authorities in locating hazards and criminal activity.

  • Is your dog suitable for sniffing?

  • Not every dog is suitable for sniffing and also some dogs are very aggressive and must be handled by only one handler. A dog which has to undergo the sniffer training must have cleared the basic obedience training and post that he could get into the sniffer dog training.

  • How are narcotics and explosives sniffer dogs trained?

  • Narcotics and explosives sniffer dogs are usually trained using a towel. Initially, the handler plays a game of tug-of-war with the dog and his 渢oy?(the towel). Later in the training process a small bag of marijuana is rolled up inside the towel. The dog then begins to associate the smell of the marijuana with the smell of his favorite toy.

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