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  • How do I train for a sub 20 5K?

  • Follow our 5k training plan to have you running a sub 20 5k. To start this training plan it is recommended that your 5k PB should be below the 22 minute 5k mark already and you are able to run at a pace of 6:25 per mile for at least 1km.

  • How does a Dom train a sub?

  • When a Dom trains a sub they are molding them to be a better version of themselves. Behavior modification is achieved through maintaining structure and order. Subs thrive on a set routine and rules and protocols can help a Dom provide that. The sub should keep a journal so the Dom can get inside their head.

  • How do I prepare for a sub 3 Marathon?

  • To make your sub 3 marathon a reality, first make higher mileage running a priority. When you檙e comfortable running 40-50 miles per week regularly, you檒l be far more prepared for the rigors of marathon training. Tempo runs become easier.

  • Is the below sub-4 hour marathon training schedule for You?

  • The below sub-4 hour marathon training schedule is not one of those ouch to marathon?plans. Instead, it actually designed for the runner who already has experienced training for a marathon. If you檙e a novice runner and would like to run a marathon for the first time, I recommend instead checking my couch to a marathon training plan.

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