how to train a weeping cherry tree

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  • How to plant weeping cherries?

  • Good air circulation around the canopy of the tree is important and helps prevent diseases. Therefore, when planting weeping cherries, you should consider the ultimate size of the cultivar and plant the tree far enough from structures and other trees so that you won have to shorten the attractive branches.

  • Why won my Cherry Tree weep?

  • Sometimes improper pruning can lead to a cherry tree not weeping. This article will help with that: Pruning Weeping Cherry Trees Remove suckers as soon as they appear to keep them from taking over the tree.

  • Can You prune a grafted weeping cherry tree?

  • With grafted trees, prune branches that are growing straight up into the air ?but only do this with a grafted weeping cherry tree. With grafted trees, these branches will continue to grow upward, ruining the desired look of the tree.

  • What are the characteristics of a weeping cherry tree?

  • While weeping cherry trees (Prunus subhirtella) are prized for their glorious display of pink blossoms in the spring, the tree’s shape — the graceful mushroomed dome of the crown that allows the tree’s branches to grow toward the ground — makes it desirable year round.

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