how to train a wild lizard

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Place the lizard in your hands and pet it at the same time every day. Regularity and frequent attention is a key to success for taming a lizard. Do it for 5 minutes the first week, then increase it to 10 minutes in two weeks and so on.

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  • How to train a Wild Lizard to use a terrarium?

  • A good time to start training is after you have fed your lizard. After some time, put your hand inside the terrarium and reach for the lizard ?but don touch it straight away, let it get used to your hand. If you think that your lizard can bite you (very likely with new lizards), you should wear gloves.

  • How to take care of a Wild Lizard?

  • Begin to Feed Your Lizard by Hand Now it’s time to try feeding the lizard by hand. It should be small enough that gloves aren’t necessary. Do it slowly, and try to let the lizard come to you. Repeat this for a couple weeks.

  • How to catch a lizard?

  • Before you approach a reptile in the wild, you should make sure that it’s legal for you to catch a lizard in your particular area. I suggest catching one or two, keeping and observing them for an hour or two, then letting them loose in the same place where you captured them. Should You Catch Them With Your Hands?

  • How to introduce a lizard to a new pet?

  • Start holding your lizard’s food out using chopsticks, tongs, or something similar. Don’t use your fingers, just your tongs. Continue doing this for a few weeks, and trust between you and your lizard will grow. Actual contact with the lizard at this point is not advised, and should be avoided if at all possible.

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