how to train an alpha female dog

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  • How to be an Alpha Dog?

  • Being an alpha should just rule among dog pack and not in your family. Never let your dogs act as more dominant than you. Your dogs should be placed at bottom part of the pack order in your family. Let your dogs learn their lesson. They should follow instead of acting supreme than the family.

  • How to get rid of the Alpha attitude of dogs?

  • Getting rid of the alpha attitude of your dogs can be through outthinking him. Instead of doing violent disciplinary actions, you can think of non-violent and more effective way on how to place your dogs to where they should be and it is to the bottom of your family pack. To make it more effective, you should involve your family in doing it.

  • What is an Alpha pack relationship with a dog?

  • This alpha-pack relationship is due to a series of learned behaviors and sound leadership that is essentially a two-way street between yourself and your dog. How do I make myself the pack leader of my dog?

  • How do you become an alpha male leader?

  • An alpha leader has to be fair and be in a position that he deserves. To maintain this alpha male/alpha position one does not have to use punishment or fear.

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