how to train cats not to scratch

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To train your cat not to scratch the furniture,provide an alternative,such as ascratching post,and place it somewhere your cat will be sure to use it. If you catch your cat scratching the furniture,clap your hands loudly or spray it with a water bottle to stop it immediately.

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  • How to get a cat to stop scratching the couch?

  • Spray the couch with a citrus-scented spray because cats have a natural aversion to citrus odors. Day 4: Get your cat interested in the scratching posts by sprinkling them with catnip or spraying them with honeysuckle. Learn more about catnip and honeysuckle.

  • How do you get a cat to use a scratching post?

  • Buy a scratching post. Look for something that is as similar in texture to your furniture as you can find (including density and roughness of fabric). In many cases, cats prefer a scratching post that is similar in texture to tree bark. There are many products available, including some that are infused with catnip.

  • Can I train my cat to stop biting and scratching?

  • Sometimes if a cat is in the habit of biting and scratching, it’s difficult to train it out of this behavior. It will take patience and time, but you can teach your cat that you prefer not to be the target of its attacks, even if the cat views it as playtime . There are a few things you can do to distance yourself from play attacks by your cat:

  • Should I scold my Cat for scratching my mattress?

  • As a result, a cat need to scratch shouldn be scolded or repressed. Instead, what needs to be scolded is kitty scratching up the wrong items, which is why it so important to encourage your cat to scratch elsewhere in order to guarantee success in training fluffy not to scratch your poor mattress.

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