how to train chickens to be friendly

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Hand TamingTrain your chickens to voluntarily perch on your hand as you walk around the yard to allow you to quickly move the bird to safety,examine them closely and create a positive relationship with them on their own terms. Chasing or scooping up birds with both hands in the backyard will no longer be necessary.

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  • What can you train your chickens to do?

  • Chickens are intelligent birds capable of learning a variety of tricks. Training your chickens can help make managing their flock easier for you. With adequate treats and a call your chickens will recognize, you can train your chickens to perch on your hand, come when called, and even run an agility course! Use treats to motivate your chickens.

  • How do you make your chickens friendly?

  • If you raise your chicks to be friendly from the start then you will have friendly chickens till the end. Always remember the best way to a chickens heart is through it’s stomach.

  • How do I train my chickens to cross the bridge?

  • Make an effort to work with your chickens at least once a day. The more often you train them, the faster they檒l learn. Make your bridge noise and give your chickens a treat. Let your chickens see the treats in your hand so they approach you. Continue to do this around 2-3 times a day so your chickens associate food with the bridge noise.

  • What kind of chickens do you keep?

  • Most chicken keepers today want to keep friendly tamed chickens that are calm relaxed and friendly and easy to interact with. It all depends on how the owner raises them, they aren’t hatched friendly and need some time and training. The procedure is much the same if you have bought POL or full grown chickens.

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