how to train chickens to go into coop at night

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Lots of chicken owners recommendfood or treatsas a way of encouraging their flock into the coop at night. Just use feed in their coop in the early evening. The idea is that you do this for a while so that they get used to going into the coop and sleeping there.

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  • How do you get chickens to stay in the coop at night?

  • Let them do their thing. At nightfall, the chickens should start wandering back into the coop to grab a snack and hop up on the roost. If the coop tends to be somewhat dark at dusk, leaving a light on inside will encourage the chickens to gravitate toward the brighter coop as the sky darkens.

  • How do you train your chickens to stay at home?

  • We train our birds by locking them into the coop for two days. We check the food and water and make sure it is available inside the coop. Locking them up for two days reinforces home. After two days we let them out and see how many return at the end of the day.

  • How do I get my chickens to go to the roost?

  • At the end of the day, when your chickens are heading to the roost, use your command and present feed (or treats) inside their coop. Do this every day until all you have to do is sound the alarm (your command) and your chickens run straight into the coop.

  • Do Chickens Come Home to roost at night?

  • Chickens naturally want to ome home to roost,?although they may need to be taught where home is. Here how to train your chickens to go into their coop at night.

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