how to train for a mini marathon

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There are many training plans on how to train for a mini marathon available through books or online. Find one that works for your schedule and meets your goals; then,stick to it. The plan can be based on mileage or time and running or walking. Each week should have a variety of short runs,medium runs and one long run.

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  • How long should I train for a mini marathon?

  • Even though the race is 13.1 miles, your longest distance to train for a mini marathon should be about 10 miles. Two weeks before race day, go on your longest run; then, rest. Your longest distance should be done about two weeks before race day. After that, your mileage will taper down.

  • What is the best way to train for a marathon?

  • The most important part of your training is a weekly long run at an easy onversational?pace攎eaning you can speak in full sentences throughout the run攖hat gradually increases in distance, week over week, to build your strength and endurance.

  • How do I choose the best half-marathon training plan?

  • Step 2: Choose the best half-marathon training plan for you. ) A solid half-marathon training plan should have these four things: cross-training days, a long run that at least ten miles, a rest day immediately following your long run, and a taper. ross-training allows you to work on your cardio without the constant pounding of running,…

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