how to train for a through hike

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Training your BODY for Thru-HikingYOGA. Some say the key to not getting injured is building flexibility. Yoga has so many benefits that will help in training for long distance hiking.BUILD CARDIO. Be comfortable being active! Remember you are going to be walking every single day for weeks or months depending on the trail you choose.STRENGTH TRAINING. The muscles that are essential to carrying a pack are upper arm,shoulder and back muscles. Focus on these muscle groups when choosing exercises.PREPARING FOR ELEVATION. If you can train in higher altitudes that is totally okay; building your cardio will help with building your lung capacity.

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  • How do you train for a long hike?

  • Complement this exercise plan with activities like trail running, mountain biking or another aerobic exercise that you enjoy. Before beginning any training plan, check in with your doctor or certified training professional. Start training 8 weeks before your first long hike. A good mix of workout types for each week involves the following:

  • How do you get into good hiking shape?

  • Improve Through Practice The best way to get into great hiking shape is to hike. The best way to learn about new hiking gear is to use it in the field. The best way to experience what a thru-hike feels like is to go on more backpacking trips.

  • How can I thru-hike my way to my goal?

  • If you want to reach your goal, you檒l need to make your thru-hike the number one focus, both on and off the trail. This is key while your prepare and while you檙e on the trail. Fully commit to your hike, make the necessary sacrifices, and you檒l be far more likely to succeed.

  • What type of resistance training should you do when hiking?

  • Aim to include two days of resistance training in your weekly schedule. This includes exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, step-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. has a great overview of what a hiker resistance training workout could look like.

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