how to train for rim to rim hike

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  • What goes into training for a one day rim to rim hike?

  • So what exactly goes into training for a one day Rim to Rim hike? You should be prepared to handle the length, elevation, and elements of the Grand Canyon, all in one day and 24 miles.

  • Can you train to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to rim?

  • No matter how much elevation you are able to train on, go at it with 100% effort! Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in one day demands speed, so when conducting your training hikes, keep in mind that you should aim to be hiking 3 or more miles an hour, taking as few breaks as possible. Even a trail with only 500 feet in elevation gain can help …

  • What is the best way to train for a rim to rim?

  • Spinning is a great cardio option as well to train for a rim to rim hike. Within 3 months we recommend having your boots broken in and having your backpack and the weight you anticipate carrying dialed in. Try to stay under 30 lbs. (20 lbs. is ideal with water = 2-3 liters at all times) for day hiking backpacks and overnights at Phantom Ranch.

  • How hard is rim to rim hiking?

  • We experienced the beauty of two vastly different trails as well as enjoying a day at the bottom. I did rim to rim in one day started at like 2 am to catch the van back to the northside. It was pretty hard but I only really started hiking seriously a few months before this I did the bright angel trail first to test myself

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