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  • What are the basics of training for size or strength?

  • The Basics Of Training For Size Or Strength. 1 Goal 1. Building Muscle Size (Hypertrophy) So, what makes muscles bigger? Stress攁nother way to refer to the amount of weight you lift攊s the primary … 2 Goal 2. Building Strength. 3 Start With Strength.

  • Should you train for size or volume?

  • You’ll not only maximize your size gains, but you’ll get a hell of a lot stronger, too. Another variable that we don’t want to screw with when training for size is volume. A high volume output is absolutely necessary to facilitate maximal growth, and it must remain elevated throughout the duration of the program.

  • How does training volume affect muscle size?

  • The more exercises you do for a body part, and the more sets you do of a given exercise, the greater your training volume. Of course, there are other variables that impact how your body will adapt to the training stress you impose on it. Let’s take a closer look at each goal. Goal 1. Building Muscle Size (Hypertrophy) So, what makes muscles bigger?

  • How many sets do I need to build muscle?

  • If you choose good exercises, train in the hypertrophy rep range, and you lift hard, 4 sets per muscle may very well be enough, and makes for a good place to start. Train often enough: to maximize our rate of muscle growth, we want to train our muscles 2? times per week. That could be 3 full-body workouts or a 4? day workout split.

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