how to train my bearded dragon

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The best way to train your Bearded Dragon is throughconsistency and positive reinforcement in the form of food. They can be trained to use a litter box,to come when they are called,how to play,and how to drink from a water bowl,but this process can take a few weeks or months,so patience is paramount.

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  • How to leash train a bearded dragon?

  • The following is a step by step guide on leash training your bearded dragon: Purchase a suitable leash for your bearded dragon. Get your bearded dragon used to wearing the leash. Take your bearded dragon outside for short periods of time. Work your way up to walking with your bearded dragon.

  • How to get a bearded dragon to like you?

  • Handle your bearded dragon daily for short periods of time. Frequent human contact is the best way for a bearded dragon to learn that you are not a threat. Hold and handle your dragon daily, for about 10 minutes at a time, and it will become increasingly tame and comfortable with your presence.

  • How do you train a bearded dragon to poop?

  • The bearded dragon is trained to poop at the right spot or tray at all times in its tank. Responding to you on calling its name. This is more by calling and feeding same time, so ultimately the beardie related the call (or name) to the treat and comes to you. Drinking water from its cup.

  • Do bearded dragons need to be trained to give treats?

  • The beardie has to be trained to associate the response to the command to the timing of feeding the treat. This repetition of exercise can take weeks for the beardie to have it ingrained as a habit. Once it becomes a habit, then there is no need to give the treat. Important is to keep repeating all along, otherwise, the beardie can forget it.

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