how to train my hair to be curly

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Twist and Press. According to Elle,one of the best times to turn your waves into curls is immediately after a shower.Scrunch. The scrunch method of achieving defined curls is similar to the twist and press but with a slightly different motion.Skip the Hairbrush. This is a method you can practice on a daily basis that will naturally bring your more defined curls back to life.Use a Lighter Curl Cream. A common misconception is that heavy styling oils and gels are required to bring out your curls and keep them in place throughout the day.Diffuse While Blow Drying. You don always have time to let your hair dry on its own. …

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  • How do I train my curls?

  • Train your curls just as you train in the gym, meaning consistency is key. The more I wore my hair without heat the more my curls continued to enhance naturally (no pun intended) over time. I also started to moisturize my hair daily unlike when I wore straight styles because I wanted to preserve my blowout as long as possible.

  • How can I Make my Hair curly without a curling iron?

  • Pinning your hair while wet and letting it dry will hold the pattern. Braiding while wet, then undoing once dry will create waves. No heat rollers. These hold your hair in a tight pattern when wet so they檒l dry in a curly pattern. Curl enhancers or activators.

  • How can I tighten my curly hair?

  • Cutting any random haircut may help tighten your curl pattern. Consider a dry curl cut. Dry curl cuts are done by curly hair specialists who will cut each individual wave or curl to maximize its shape. Of course, dry curl cuts also have the same benefits as regular haircuts as far as losing the weight of what is cut off.

  • Does the curly girl method create curls that don naturally exist?

  • The curly girl method or other natural forms of hair care do not reate?curls that don naturally exist. I believe the TikTok trend, among other things, have caused confusion about natural hair patterns. Some people thought they had straight hair, but discover with natural hair care routines, they have waves.

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