how to train my hamster not to bite

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To train a hamster not to bite,speak to it softly,then insert your hand into the cage for it to sniff. Do this for a few days so it gets used to your scent. Next,introduce petting by gently and slowly rubbing between its ears with your index finger.

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  • Can you train a hamster to stop biting?

  • This article has been viewed 396,646 times. Hamsters make great pets, but they have a habit of biting whenever they are frightened or startled. If your hamster bites, there is no reason you can’t train him out of that habit. There are several things you must keep in mind when handling your hamster to avoid painful bites.

  • Why is my hamster biting me?

  • Most people think hamsters regularly bite to be aggressive. However, hamsters typically only bite when they are scared or nervous. This is often misinterpreted as aggression. Hamsters are prey animals, and they use biting as a defense mechanism. They are small and easy targets for predators, so biting is the only tool for protection.

  • How do I Stop my hamster from nibbling on Me?

  • Wash your hands. Before you attempt to pick up your hamster, it is important for you to wash your hands. If your hands smell like food, cosmetics, or anything else scented, your hamster will be much more likely to nibble. Also, by washing your hands before handling them, you will keep your hamster safe from germs. Avoid sneaking up on them.

  • How do you pick up a hamster that bites?

  • Sometimes people will use thick gloves for handling biting hamsters. This can be a good temporary solution to picking up a hamster that bites. However, it is still stressful for the hamster and the hamster doesn’t get a chance to know your scent so it doesn’t help the long term taming process.

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