how to train new puppy

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The easiest way to raise and train your puppy is toestablish choreographed routines?same things,same order,same words ?with yourself as the director,the one in charge. Create good routines,stick to them,and your pup’s behavior will be predictable and good. More things to teach your puppy starting at 7 weeks old

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  • How to train a puppy properly?

  • Training a puppy goes very smoothly when you establish good routines starting the moment the pup joins your household. The trick is to make sure the routines your puppy is learning are good ones that lead to good behavior. Because if he learns bad routines, he will repeat them just as readily.

  • How do you train a 6 month old puppy?

  • Start at the very beginning, as though your 6 month old pup was only 7 weeks old. Start by establishing the routines that will govern everything in your pup’s life. Start with housebreaking. Start with crate training. Start with Good and No. And if your pup is 12 months old? 18 months old? Or even older than that?

  • How to crate train a puppy?

  • Feed your puppy inside the crate to help them see it as a place where they can rest and enjoy positive experiences. Get them used to the door being closed for short amounts of time and gradually increase the time the door is shut. Crate training your puppy doesn have to be difficult.

  • How long does it take to train a dog?

  • Six Weeks to a Well-Trained Dog: Using this schedule as a guide, you can teach your dog the basics in about six weeks. Positive Reinforcement: There are many different ways to train a dog, but most dog professionals agree that the positive way is the best for both the dog and trainer. Need help with dog training?

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