how to train roses on a trellis

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Plant your rose in a large, deep hole within 1 to 2 feet from the support. Then, train the rose to grow over the trellis bywrapping new shoots around it as they appear. You may need to hold them in place with plant ties or twine.

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  • How do you grow roses on a trellis?

  • Tie new growth back and forth across the trellis every 2 to 3 feet as the rose grows, allowing the canes to grow horizontally whenever possible — canes grown in this direction will flower most abundantly. Crossing canes over each other occasionally will help support the vertical bramble they檙e becoming.

  • How do you train a climbing rose?

  • There are two good training methods; you can either train your climbing rose against a trellis or you can self-peg your plant’s long canes. Either way, your garden will wind up with more beautiful roses than ever before.

  • Which roses can be trained to trellis?

  • Native roses such as California wood rose (Rosa gymnocarpa) line country lanes, but their unruly habit lends them more to ground cover than trellising. Hybrid ramblers produce numerous canes that can be trained to a trellis.

  • How do you prune a climbing rose trellis?

  • Tie the stems of the climbing rose to the trellis with soft cloth strips as it grows throughout the year. Do not prune until the rose covers the entire trellis. Gently bend some of the new canes so they grow outward to cover more of the trellis. Snip off branches that are growing too thickly.

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