how to train staff two point hospital

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How to train staff in Two Point HospitalFirst,you need to build a training room. You can only do this once you檝e reached the game third level.Then,click on the training pedestal in the room and you檒l be prompted to choose the course you want to reach,the teacher,and which doctors are to attend.You have two choices: either use an existing staff member to teach (if they have the appropriate skills) or get an outside expert in. …

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  • What is the two point hospital training guide?

  • Our Two Point Hospital Training Guide will help you with training your staff which includes Janitors, Nurses, Doctors and will also tell you how to fire them. Training your staff is important in Two Point Hospital, as it will help you progress through the game.

  • How to hire staff in two point hospital?

  • There are a total of five categories or traits that can be assigned to a staff member in Two Point Hospital i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Assistants, Janitors, and Teachers. They, together with the Manager, serve as the foundation of the core principles due to which the hospital exists and thrives. First, try to hire new staff from the Hire menu.

  • How to train staff in Sega’s two point hospital?

  • In SEGA ‘s Two Point Hospital, the staff can be trained to learn new skills taught by other personnel. Players will need to build a new room in the hospital by pressing the ‘Rooms’ icon on the screen’s bottom-left corner and then choosing the ‘Training’ option. However, it will cost players $7000 to create it.

  • Can you train up other staff in a medical training hospital?

  • You can in fact train up other members of staff, such as nurses, but you檒l really need to take advantage of your training room in the Two Point Hospital 榮 fourth level. This is because, as a medical training hospital, you檙e forced to take doctors who have all 1 star ratings and training them up.

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