how to train virtually

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  • Do online virtual training sessions really help?

  • Fortunately, this is one area where online virtual training sessions can actually help if they are run correctly. Participation in group training can relieve these feelings and a well-run session will incorporate active engagement, collaboration, and time for questions.

  • Is a virtual workout right for You?

  • A virtual workout is a viable option when exercising in person with your workout buddies isn possible ?whether it because of busy work schedules, family responsibilities, or strict quarantine rules like those currently being imposed.

  • What are the different types of virtual training platforms?

  • The second type is a dedicated virtual training platform that would have many more features specifically tailored to running training, like virtual assessments and breakout classrooms for group work. Here is a list of options for both types of platform: Conferencing and webinar: Zoom, Bluejeans,, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zoho.

  • What is virtual learning?

  • This applies to any learning experience, be it in person or virtual. The distinction that comes into play for virtual learning is the knowledge of your target audience through the lens of the technology they use, the technology they like (and don like), and their online habits (the good and the bad).

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