how to train your betta fish

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Teach your fish to follow your finger. Drag your finger across the front of the fish tank or bowl. …Train your betta to flare on command. When a male betta sees another male in nature,he flares. …Teach your betta to jump. Jumping is a natural habit for betta fish. To train your betta,use a feeding stick and place half a bloodworm on it.Train your betta to swim through a hoop. Gather a pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner into a circle with a two inch diameter.Keep trying! Your betta will eventually figure out that if she does what you ask,you will reward her.

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  • How to train a betta fish to follow you?

  • The first thing that you need to do when it comes to training is to get the betta fish to follow your fingers. Simply drag your finger across the outside of the glass and see if your betta fish follows it. If your betta fish follows your finger, give it a treat as soon as possible. This will reinforce the action of following your finger.

  • How to train a betta fish to catch pellets?

  • Your Betta may jump at your finger. If the Betta jumps reward it with the pellet. Sometimes Betta are not interested right away, keep trying and be patient. Wait for your Betta to become interested, you may have to stick the tip of the pellet n the water and wait for the Betta to touch your finger or the pellet.

  • How to train a betta fish to eat bloodworms?

  • Remember, she should have a maximum of three to four bloodworms in one sitting. You can train your betta to recognize a feeding stick, a thin stick with a curved end for attaching food, during her normal feeding times. Bettas naturally jump when excited or scared. Purchase a lid for your fish tank to prevent your betta from jumping from the tank.

  • How to catch a betta fish in a pool?

  • These can be purchase at pet stores, or ordered online. Another option is to make your own using a small plastic bracelet or pool ring attached to a suction cup. Stick the suction cup to the side of the tank. Get out your target stick, and lead your betta to the hoop, and then through it.

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