how to train your dog not to eat plants

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Monitor your dogclosely while he is outside to make sure he does not eat any plants. If your dog begins to show interest in a particular plant,shout No to deter him and reward him when he moves away. You can also spray your dog with the garden hose to deter him from eating your plants.

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  • How to stop your dog from eating plants?

  • Tips to Stop Your Dog from Eating Plants 1 Raise Your Flower Pots 2 Train Your Pet 3 Spray Your Plants with Lemon or Vinegar 4 Limit Your Dog Space 5 Tell Them What They Did Was Wrong

  • How to protect your houseplants from dogs?

  • Keep in mind that vinegar can kill your plants (not to mention it has a strong odor), so you檒l want to apply it in small amounts to something near your plants, not directly on the plants or on the soil surrounding your plants. As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to protecting your plants from your dog.

  • Should you hit your dog if he chews on plants?

  • While shouting or smacking the dog may seem tempting, it only teaches the dog to be fearful of you and become devious, so he only chews plants when you’re not watching. As with all dog training, consistency is key.

  • How do I Stop my Dog from eating my apple trees?

  • Try spraying the plants with a harmless but bad-tasting spray, such as a sour apple spray, which is often sold in garden centers specifically for the purpose of deterring hungry animals from nibbling on plants. If your dog is small, try pruning the bushes so that the branches and leaves are out of its reach.

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