how to train your dog not to pee in house

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Making your own Shaker Bottlecan often help you stop dogs from frequent peeing in the home. As soon as you notice your pooch doing the pee dance which inevitably involves sniffing, circling and finally squatting give the bottle a firm shake or spray him with the water.

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  • How to stop a puppy from peeing in the House?

  • Teaching your dog there is no designated area for peeing and giving them carte blanche to go when and wherever they want is counter-productive and will only give you more work in the long run. It requires patience to stop a puppy peeing in the house and even more so to prevent an older dog from doing so.

  • Should you train your dog to poop and pee outside?

  • If a dog owner has trained the dog pet correctly, the future of the dog and the owner become pretty easy and joyful. However, training your puppy to pee or poop outside the house only holds a significant value since the training would help them learn basic etiquette.

  • Is your dog or puppy peeing behind the sofa?

  • There can be many reasons that your dog or puppy urinates inside your home, whatever that may be peeing inside is a big No No, and something you will want to put a stop to immediately. We examine why your four-legged friend might be peeing behind the sofa and look at some tips to make it stop!

  • Is your dog peeing indoors for no reason?

  • Check With the Vet Although puppies pee and sometimes a rescue dog that has spent time in kennels may not be house-trained it is unusual for an adult dog to start relieving themselves indoors without an underlying reason. Older dogs especially can develop many conditions that can increase the need to go or lose control of their bladder muscles.

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