how to train your dog to bring you something

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Teach the Basics. Before you can teach a dog to pick something up and bring it to you,he must know the command, drop it or give …Building Layers. Once your dog knows the drop command,he should learn how to bring an item to you. Begin by building pick it up onto your drop command.Identify Items. You may not realize how many items your dog already understands. He probably knows the names of several toys,cookies,dinner,walk and out.

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  • How do I teach my dog to hold things?

  • Again, go very slowly building with fractions of a second of time you are asking your dog to hold. You can also begin moving your hands off of the toy, then quickly put your hand back on the toy before your dog drops it. Praise, take the object, and give her a treat.

  • How to teach your dog to pick up things on command?

  • A ball, newspaper, slippers, remote control, stick, etc. are common items to ask your dog to bring to you. Once your dog understands the item he is holding, you will need to teach him to pick it up and then bring it to you. After he has it, you will need to teach him to give it to you or to drop it on command.

  • How do I teach my dog to pick up a ball?

  • Start by throwing the ball just a short distance. Most dogs will instinctively chase the ball and pick it up. If so, you’re done with this part of the training. If fetching doesn’t come naturally to your dog, you may have to work on training it to play first. You can start by giving the dog treats or praise for taking an interest in the ball.

  • What should I keep in mind when training my Dog?

  • Keep your dog temperament in mind. All dogs have different temperaments. Just like kids, different breeds learn differently and at different rates. Some dogs are stubborn and will challenge you at every turn. Others will bend over backwards to please you. You may need to adjust your training techniques to meet the need of your dog temperament.

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