how to train your dog to eat dog food

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Make sure your dog food is both nutritious and delicious. Adding incentives like a little bit of wet food juice over kibble,or carrots and sweet potatoes mixed with the kibble,can encourage an unenthusiastic eater. Freezing chunks of food or adding water and heating kibble can make boring foods more interesting.

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  • How can I train my dog to eat his food?

  • Have some patience and a little extra time set aside before your dog meals to work on this training. It’s best if you can train your dog in real life situations, so with his food bowl in place where he normally eats each meal. You will need his bowl and treats and some kibble for training.

  • How do you train two dogs to eat at the same time?

  • You can train your dogs to each take their turn, eating at separate times, either one after another or with a time interval. Have a designated area for eating, setup with bowls for food and water. Your dogs should always have water available. You may need a way of keeping the other dog separated, such as using gates a door or a pen.

  • What to do if your dog refuses to eat new food?

  • If your pet is refusing to eat something new, but still enjoys his old food, try mixing the two together for a few days. It檒l trick him into eating the new stuff by masking it with the old. It also how you should normally be transitioning dogs to a new diet each time you make a change.

  • How long should I Put my Dog food down before feeding?

  • About an hour before the desired feeding time, put your dog food bowl down for only a minute or two, whether or not she eats from it. This will introduce the idea that feeding will not last forever. At your desired time, put down the food bowl and allow your dog to eat until she stops eating.

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