how to train your dog to sit on a paddleboard

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The Verbal Commands MethodPlace your paddleboard resting on dry ground,you may need to remove the bottom fin so that the SUP rests on ground without tipping.Give your dog a verbal command for get on paddleboard,like 済et on? …Teach your dog to jump off the paddleboard. Provide a verbal commands like 渏ump off?and call your dog off the paddleboard,again lure if necessary.Teach your dog to sit on a spot on the SUP. Call your dog on the SUP,direct him to his spot and say sit.Move the board onto shallow water. Practice commanding your dog to get on,sit and get off the SUP with verbal commands.

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  • How to paddle board with your dog?

  • How to Paddle Board With Your Dog Have your dog stay on shore as you go out on the board. Wave to him, laugh, and smile so he knows that it is fun and not… Hold the board still in shallow water and allow your dog to get on. Walk the board through the shallow water and allow… When you檙e both …

  • Can dogs go on a SUP board?

  • For safety reasons, your dog should be comfortable in and around water before any training on a SUP board takes place and especially before your dog and the board are brought to the water. If your pet is afraid of water and you try to train them to ride your board with you too soon, they may never want to go near the water or your board again.

  • Can my dog sit on a skateboard?

  • Small dogs can sit on the nose of the board. Once you檝e mastered keeping the paddle away from your dog, he can sit in front of you on the board. For better weight distribution and balance, large dogs can sit on the back third of the board. Keep it short the first time out.

  • How to choose the best boating board for your dog?

  • Boards over ten feet long are the most stable, which makes them a good choice when you檙e taking your dog along for the ride. When choosing a board, make sure you consider your weight, as well as the weight of your dog.

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