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Cressida Cowell

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  • Is there a book series of how to train your dragon?

  • This article is about the book series. For Cressida Cowell’s novel, see How to Train Your Dragon (novel). For the film based on the book, see How to Train Your Dragon (film).

  • What are some good books about dragons?

  • How To Train Your Dragon, published in 2003. How To Be A Pirate, published in 2004. How To Speak Dragonese, published in 2005. How To Cheat A Dragon’s Curse, published in 2006. How To Twist A Dragon’s Tale, published in 2007.

  • Do You need Dragon to write?

  • One of the things I檝e long advocated is that Dragon is only useful if it can be molded to your personal writing style. You need it to understand not just your voice but what you actually write ?whether that non-fiction, historical romance, science fiction, horror or anything in between.

  • Can I access Dragon course content on PC and Mac?

  • One more thing?irrespective of which platform you use now, you檒l have access to both PC and Mac course content at any time in the future. If you ever decide to switch computing platforms (particularly important for users of Dragon for Mac), don worry ?you檙e covered.

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