how to train your dragon composer

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John Powell

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  • Who composed the music for how to train your dragon?

  • In 2010, Powell composed the score to How to Train Your Dragon. This was his sixth score for a DreamWorks Animation film, although the first where he composed the whole score himself. It also became his first work to be nominated for theAcademy Award for Best Original Score.

  • How to train your dragon’s music is Star Wars-level Great?

  • How to Train Your Dragon music is Star Wars-level great. Here why. – Polygon Composer John Powell on how a longtime relationship with DreamWorks paid off 淚 don make a particular distinction between 榟igh art?and 榣ow art,欌€?composer John Williams once said. 淢usic is there for everybody.

  • Is John Powell how to Train Your Dragon trilogy over?

  • For the last decade, those reminders have been John Powell compositions for the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, which concludes with this month threequel, The Hidden World.

  • Why were the Dragon movies so successful?

  • John Powell: The Dragon movies were obviously a happy combination of factors. The filmmakers made great films ?which is not always the case. You can write a great score to a movie and it really won be noticed. There only so much a score can do to help a film, even when it a really good film.

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