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  • Is how to train your dragon a 3D movie?

  • How to Train Your Dragon (also known as How to Train Your Dragon 3D or just Dragons) is a computer-animated action fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation based on the 2003 book of that same title. The film is directed by Lilo Stitch directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois , who worked at Disney.

  • Who is Eret in how to Train Your Dragon 2?

  • According to Matt Paulson, the modeling supervisor of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Eret is similar in personality to Han Solo from the Star Wars franchise. At the end of the second movie, Eret forms a bond with Stoick’s dragon Skullcrusher after Stoick’s death. This makes Eret the first Dragon Rider from outside the Archipelago.

  • Is there a shadow in how to train your dragon?

  • DreamWorks Wiki has a collection of images and media related to How to Train Your Dragon. After the boy sitting on the moon in the DreamWorks Animation logo at the begining of the film flicks the fishing line, a black shadow can be briefly seen obscuring some of the stars to the right of the moon as it flies past.

  • What are the best books about dragons to read?

  • How to Train Your Dragon (2010) A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed. 2. Book of Dragons (2011 Video) Hiccup and his friends explore and add to their primary reference about dragons. 3.

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