how to train your dragon nintendo switch walkthrough

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  • How do you unlock the tournament in Dragon Quest VIII?

  • Make a dragon finish all trainings. Do every single training until the points are all filled and maxed out. Should unlock once your main dragon finished his final training. Win a wild fight. You should get this one during a side quest for the tournament to unlock.

  • How do you unlock all the legendary dragon achievements?

  • Have a level 25 dragon. Unlock all legendary dragons. Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode (primary profile only). If you did it in the order like I did it, with completing the challenges first and then the wild fights you should unlock these achievements nearly at the same time.

  • How do you make a dragon team for a fight?

  • Simply choose hard on the AI and once you are at the dragon select screen choose a 4 dragon team consisting of your story dragons. For your opponent you only choose one dragon (doesnt mater which one, I recomend to choose one you feel confident to beat easily) and no more since it will speed up the fights considerably.

  • How do you get healing items in DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders?

  • Make sure as you progress through DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders you smash any breakable objects you come across as doing so will make your life easier in the long run as it will give you crafting materials which you can use to upgrade your equipment as well as items you can use to trade with Astrid for healing items.

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