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  • What happens in how to train your dragon?

  • Whimsical and exciting, How to Train Your Dragon is a high tale of adventure. The story follows a young Viking named Hiccup who trains to fight dragons in order to protect his town from their constant attacks; but secretly he nurses an injured dragon back to health and discovers that they’re not the furious beasts that he once thought they were.

  • Who is the Light Fury in how to train your dragon?

  • The Light Fury is a major protagonist from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. She is a Light Fury, and the love interest, and later mate of Toothless .

  • What happens to Astrid in how to train your dragon?

  • In How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid and Toothless are both hostile to each other during their first meeting, which ends with Astrid fleeing the scene. In an attempt to change Astrid’s mind about dragons, Toothless reluctantly agrees to help Hiccup kidnap her.

  • Who impersonates hiccup in how to Train Your Dragon 2?

  • Impersonation: Astrid impersonates Hiccup at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2. She also impersonates him in Edge of Disaster, Part 2 while she and Tuffnut defend the Edge.

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