how to train your german shepherd to sit and stay

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The Sit and Wait MethodJust as in the ‘Flag’ method,set up a boundary line in your yard by using flags. …You want your pup to have a strong understanding of certain basic commands,such as ‘sit’,’no’,and ‘wait’.With your German Shepherd on a leash,walk along the boundary line. …Keeping your dog on a leash,walk up to the boundary line and stop. …More items…

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  • How to train a German Shepherd puppy?

  • You should be patient, positive and regular with the training of your puppy. Early training also tones down the alpha male behavior, as German shepherds have a tendency to control everyone. You can make your dog sit using treats and a combination of hand and verbal commands. Keep the following things in mind while training your dog:

  • How old do German Shepherds have to be to sit?

  • German shepherds are inherently smart dogs and can learn tricks and commands quickly. You can start training your puppy from litter age but the best time to teach is within 12 ?14 months of the dog age. The most basic training that owners want their dogs to have is following the command to sit.

  • How long does it take for a German Shepherd to learn commands?

  • If you train your GSD in the most effective time of the day (see tips), along with other times of the day and in different places, within 2-4 days your dog will be able to sit at hand command and in another week or so like a pro at verbal command.

  • How to teach your dog to sit?

  • He should soon come to the sitting position naturally tracking the movement of the treat. Give the verbal command of 渟it?the moment your dog attains the sitting position or his back touches the floor. You can associate a hand signal as a command by raising it with the word 渟it.?/div>How to Train a German Shepherd to Sit – Dog Obedience Training

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