how to train your german shepherd to sit and stay

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You can do it as follows:Get some treats and put a long leash on your German ShepherdGo to the door with your German Shepherd and put one of your feet on the leash to stop it from running away. Now tell your German Shepherd to sit and stay and make a small movement towards the door as if you were going to open it. Then reward it for staying.

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  • How do I Teach my German Shepherd to stay?

  • At this point, do not use the cue 渟tay.?You don want to use your cue until your dog knows what you want. Start by building up duration ?how long your GSD can sit in one position. Do this in small increments by asking your dog to sit then counting to one second and rewarding. Then count to two seconds and reward.

  • How old do German Shepherds have to be to sit?

  • German shepherds are inherently smart dogs and can learn tricks and commands quickly. You can start training your puppy from litter age but the best time to teach is within 12 ?14 months of the dog age. The most basic training that owners want their dogs to have is following the command to sit.

  • Are German Shepherds easy to train?

  • German shepherds are highly intelligent dogs and you are starting obedience training right out with the pup. However, things aren’t going quite as you’d planned. OK, he’s learned to sit just fine, but you can’t seem to get to grips with ‘stay’. You turn your back and walk away but the pup comes bounding after you.

  • How long does it take for a German Shepherd to learn commands?

  • If you train your GSD in the most effective time of the day (see tips), along with other times of the day and in different places, within 2-4 days your dog will be able to sit at hand command and in another week or so like a pro at verbal command.

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