how to train your hair to slick back naturally

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Ways To TrainYour HairTo SlickBackWash your hair with rice milk and honey Hair care with butter and ripe bananas Rinse your hair with beer.

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  • How to get a slick back haircut?

  • If you have fine hair then you can use hair gel, if your hair is thick then you might need to use pomade, if coarse hair you need to use hair wax. There are so many types of slick back haircut so you just need to choose yours. Is your hair the right length to slick back, do you need to have undercut slick back or slick hair back with fade?

  • How can I make my hair look slim and sleek?

  • Towel-dried until it is very slightly damp. Blow-dry the sides of your hair closer to the head for a slim, sleek profile. Comb the hair down and back, and follow the motion with the hair dryer. Repeat until dry. Take time to blow-dry the top portion of your hair that falls right opposite the part: this section will carry the most weight.

  • How can I train my hair to hold my hair back?

  • If you comb your hair back and blow dry it daily, even if you檙e not styling your hair to go out in public, you can train your hair to hold this position. Using headbands and caps will help speed up the process. After you train your hair, it檒l be easier to slick back each morning.

  • What is the best length for slicked back hair?

  • You can slick back your hair, whether it long or short, but hair that four to six inches long or above is best. If you have thick hair, you might end up with a pompadour instead of a sleek slicked-back style.

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