how to train your puppy to sleep in a crate

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Ask your puppy to 榞o sleep?When they go in,praise and sprinkle some treats for him to eat.Close the door behind him.Sit quietly next to the crate with him for a few minutes.He should go to sleep,in which case you can briefly move away.If he doesn fall asleep,open the door after five minutes and repeat 10-15 minutes later.Closely monitor him as you檒l want to be present when he wakes up.

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  • How do I get my Dog to sleep in the crate?

  • Time to sleep. Whether you want your dog to sleep in the crate at night or to be in the crate during the day while you are away from the house, when it is time for your dog to sleep, encourage him with treats to go into the crate and close the door.

  • How do I crate train my puppy?

  • Crate training, like house training, should be part of your daily routine. Put some of their favorite treats and toys in the crate during the day. Once the dog goes inside, shut the door for short periods of time. You might also consider using pheromone spray on their bed to help keep them calm when inside the crate.

  • How do you train a puppy to sleep with the door closed?

  • Once your puppy can be happily inside the crate while you open and close the door, you can start to build up time with it closed. Begin with just a count of five, then ten, and work up to 30 seconds. Do this in small sessions, throughout the course of the day.

  • Do puppies sleep better with less bedding in their crate?

  • If you notice that your puppy spends a lot of time kicking the blankets out of the way, they might sleep better with less bedding in their crate. Pay attention to where they like to lay down and rest when not in their crate ?is it the cool wood floor or a plush dog bed?

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