how were messenger birds trained

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  • How to train a messenger pigeon to fly?

  • Messenger pigeons need regular practice to get used to flying from variable distances. Place your pigeon in a cage and take it to a place, nearly a kilometer away from the base. Release the pigeon and it will fly home. Do this multiple times a week. Once the pigeon is confident, increase the distance to 3 kilometers and repeat the process.

  • Are pigeons good messengers?

  • So even pigeons, as common as they are, can be faithful messengers from the other side! In fact, pigeons were the original carrier bird and were smart and friendly enough to be trained to deliver letters and notes to people across far distances. Pigeons are also said to represent love and are a sign that your loved ones are safe and looked after!

  • How were pigeons used to carry messages?

  • Fortunately, this issue was solved through experimentation. It was found that homing pigeons could be fed in one place, and deliver messages to the other. In this way, the birds could be coaxed to fly back and forth between two points, carrying messages to and fro.

  • Why are birds considered spiritual messengers?

  • If we look back through time, the idea of birds being spiritual messengers is not that uncommon. Angels and birds share the same looking wings, and certain birds are said to represent or bring different qualities. For example, doves are often used to represent peace, and a black crow is often used to predict a bad omen.

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