how wide is the snowpiercer train

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10.8 meters

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  • How long is the Snowpiercer train?

  • The Snowpiercer train is 10-mile long (16 km). The ark train with 1001 cars was designed in a way to allow passengers to endure for years. Greenhouses and artificial light are used to grow plants and fruits, which help most passengers survive. Over 130 cars are allotted for growing natural food for those on the train.

  • How many cars long is Snowpiercer?

  • According to Bennett Knox, as of 994 Cars Long, Snowpiercer is coming apart; there are no perpetual motion parts and Big Alice is packed with parts, such as bogie-motors, bovine cultures, a full genetics lab, enough to keep them going. It is unknown exactly how much Wilford retrofitted Big Alice and how different it is from its original form.

  • Is there a train like Snowpiercer in Russia?

  • You might also be interested in knowing that Russian Railways proposed a project kind of similar to Snowpiercer: a train that would connect Europe, Asia and the United States. It didn form a loop though, so it would come up short of Snowpiercer in quite a few ways.

  • Why doesn’t the Snowpiercer train ever stop?

  • Which is probably why more than a few eyebrows were raised by viewers when given the explanation for why the Snowpiercer train never stopped. The official reasoning given by the bourgeois swine who run things is that the train is a perpetual motion machine.

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