is it too late to jump aboard the lithium train

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  • Is it too late to join the party train?

  • There’s a Party Train coming down the line. Let’s celebrate! Let’s have a good time. It’s not too late to join the Party Train. It’s filled with fun and joy and laughter. So jump aboard! Hop on the Party Train. There’s a celebration at every station. There’s a Party Train coming down the line.

  • Are these lithium stocks a buy in Australia in 2022?

  • These lithium stocks have been rated as buys?One of the hottest areas of the Australian share market in 2022 is the lithium sector again. Thanks to the shift to electric vehicles and renewable energy, demand for lithium is increasing rapidly and supply simply cannot keep up. This has led to lithium prices continuing to rise to record levels.

  • What are the best lithium stocks to invest in?

  • Another lithium stock that is rated highly is Liontown Resources. It is the lithium developer behind the 100%-owned lithium projects at Kathleen Valley and Buldania in Western Australia. The former is the project that has been getting investors most excited.

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