is petco dog training good

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Petco does offer Canine Good Citizen testing,which is a great perk. And they are offering online training sessions. While this is not ideal for a puppy (they need socialization),it is a great option to keep you working with your dog from the convenience of your home.

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  • Does Petco have puppy training classes?

  • Petco Puppy Class Level 2 proofs behavior and makes it stronger, which is key when dealing with young puppies. They also offer the American Kennel Club Puppy S.T.A.R evaluation, which is a fun motivational tool to work toward with your dog.

  • Should you get a dog trainer at Petco or PetSmart?

  • As Petco and PetSmart train their own dog trainers, this can leave a large spectrum of quality training, which is why we recommend you use these stores for socializing your puppy, and after that, search out an independently verified dog trainer. Overall, for the quality of courses offered, and pricing, PetSmart would be our choice between the two.

  • Why dog training classes at Vetco?

  • Our 4-week, expert-developed class helps identify your dog’s triggers and create healthy new habits so they can feel safe when left alone. Save on dog training classes when you spend $80+ on Vetco Vaccination Clinic services. Ask a Pet Care Center associate for details. Group classes? Private lessons? We檝e got you covered.

  • What is Petco’s refund policy for training classes?

  • What is Petco’s refund policy for training classes? You can receive a full refund up to the start of the second class, after that we will make sure that you reach your training goals – even if it means retaking the class for free. Does my dog need to complete level 1 in order to participate in level 2?

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