is the train ride from seattle to vancouver scenic

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Yes,the train route from Seattle to Vancouver攖he Amtrak Cascades攊s well-known for its scenic beauty. Gaze out the window at gorgeous ocean views during this trip,especially if you are able to find a seat on the left side of the train. In addition to the ocean,you can expect to see rolling mountains,quaint towns,ports and beaches.

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  • Is there a train from Vancouver to Seattle WA?

  • This beautiful train station is your gateway to Seattle, WA during your stay in Vancouver. Amtrak Cascades have a morning and an evening service between two cities on the most scenic train route. The train ride takes approximately 4 hours. From Vancouver to Seattle, you check-in and go through US customs/immigration in Canada.

  • How much is the Amtrak Cascades from Seattle to Vancouver?

  • Amtrak Cascades. Amtrak Cascades train tickets from Seattle to Vancouver start from $34.00, and on average cost $46.37. Daily there are 1 Amtrak Cascades schedules to Vancouver. From Seattle to Vancouver train travel on Amtrak Cascades takes 4 hours and 0 minutes.

  • What is the best day to travel from Seattle to Vancouver?

  • Trains departing from Seattle to Vancouver tend to have the most passangers on Sunday. With higher demand ticket prices also tend to be higher on Sunday. If you are trying to snag a cheap train tickets or just want an emptier train you’ll have better luck by booking travel departing on Thursday as the least number of people tend to travel then.

  • Is the Amtrak train the best way to get to Seattle?

  • If you’re looking for easy traveling with breathtaking views, the train is the best option for you. The Seattle揤ancouver leg of the Amtrak Cascade line is touted as one of the most scenic train rides offered by Amtrak, passing through dense forests, along unspoiled coastlines, and next to the snow-capped Cascade Mountains.

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