is there a train tunnel under the english channel

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  • What tunnel runs beneath the English Channel?

  • Channel Tunnel. Channel Tunnel, also called Eurotunnel, rail tunnel between England and France that runs beneath the English Channel. The Channel Tunnel, 31 miles (50 km) long, consists of three tunnels: two for rail traffic and a central tunnel for services and security. The tunnel runs between Folkestone, England,…

  • What is the depth of the Channel Tunnel?

  • The Channel Tunnel or Chunnel is a 50km-long undersea rail tunnel below the Strait of Dover in the English Channel. It is one of the longest underwater tunnels in the world and connects Folkestone in Kent, UK, with Coquelles in Pas-de-Calais, France. The average depth of the tunnel is 40m.

  • What kind of trains are in the Channel Tunnel?

  • 58 electric Brush / Bombardier locomotives, nine Bombardier passenger shuttles, six Breda-Fiat and nine Arbel type truck shuttles and service locomotives. Channel Tunnel terminal at Cheriton near Folkestone in Kent, UK. Credit: Stephen Dawson. Channel Tunnel links Folkestone in England with Coquelles in northern France. Credit: Billy69150.

  • How long is the Channel Tunnel from UK to France?

  • You can book travel online. The Channel Tunnel is 31.35 miles long, with 24 of those miles located under water. However, since there are three tunnels that travel from Great Britain to France, with many small tunnels that connect the three main ones, the total tunnel length is about 95 miles worth of tunnel.

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