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  • What is it like to train at Forest School?

  • Usually training courses are static experiences, with token gestures at involving participation…Forest School training couldn’t have been more enjoyable, with practical demonstrations, the acquisition of new skills and confidence to deliver meaningful experience to the children in my care

  • What is the foundation in Forest Schools course?

  • The Foundation in Forest Schools course will introduce you to the concepts covered in greater details on next steps of your journey, The Forest Schools Leader Training. The Level 3 Course will allow you to set up and deliver long term forest Schools Programmes, all based on up-to-date research surrounding aspects of:

  • What training do I need to lead at Forest School?

  • OCN Level 3 / SCQF Level 8 training is required to lead at Forest School, both on school sites and off-site in woodlands. This applies to Early Years as well as other age groups.

  • What is Level 1 Forest School training?

  • Level 1 training is for those people who would like to know more about Forest School. As part of the training students will need to visit a Forest School session run by a level 3 FS Leader. This level of training does not qualify students to run or lead Forest School.

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