should i train triceps before biceps

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  • Can you train biceps and triceps together?

  • It perfectly fine to train biceps and triceps together, some people like to do one exercise on biceps then when exercise on triceps and go back and forth, others like to train them sequentially. These muscles, while opposed, actually work together in unison to control the movements of your arm.

  • Should you train triceps before or after chest?

  • The triceps are a small muscle group that recovers fairly quickly. Consider doing triceps after chest攖hey’re an assistance muscle in chest-pressing motions, so you might as well go ahead and finish them off. You can also train triceps on a day separate from chest, either by themselves or with biceps.

  • How do I get bigger biceps and triceps?

  • For biceps, the same thing should happen: start with an exercise where you can move the most weight, such as an EZ-curl bar or straight barbell curl, then move to auxiliary exercises afterward. I don’t care how hard you work at your triceps kickbacks, they simply cannot substitute the big-bang exercises.

  • What is the function of the biceps and triceps?

  • The biceps and triceps both function as secondary muscles in all upper body compound exercises (presses, rows, pulls) but in order to develop them to their full potential, they will also need some direct (isolation) training. Are there other muscles (that you need to train) on the upper arm?

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