should you use treats to train a dog

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  • Do you have to use treats in dog training?

  • You don have to use treats in dog training! Thousands if not millions of dogs have been trained without a morsel of food passing their lips during a training session. You don need to use treats in order to train a dog. Most working gundogs in the UK and the USA today are still trained without food.

  • What can I give my Dog as a training treat?

  • You can use fruits and vegetables, too. Apple slices make a good treat and some dogs like bananas and other fruits. My dog Billie is crazy for blueberries. They檙e a little expensive to use for training treats but you could use them if you wanted.

  • Can dogs eat cat food as training treats?

  • Some people use pieces of kibble as training treats since the pieces are small. You can do this if your dog really like the food. There are even people who use pieces of dry cat food as training treats, knowing how much some dogs love to eat cat food.

  • How can I train my dog to eat food?

  • Hold back a portion of your dog’s regular meals to use as training treats throughout the day, and feed all of their regular meals from interactive toys and puzzles. The kind of treats you use when training your dog (or just want to give them a special treat) depend on your dog’s personal preferences. And remember, it’s not always about food!

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