should you use treats to train a dog

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  • Do you have to use treats in dog training?

  • You don have to use treats in dog training! Thousands if not millions of dogs have been trained without a morsel of food passing their lips during a training session. You don need to use treats in order to train a dog. Most working gundogs in the UK and the USA today are still trained without food.

  • What is the purpose of dog treats?

  • They are simply a means of making sure your dog shows up eager to work when it’s time for a training session. One way dog treats are used is to lure dogs to do the behavior you want. For example, when you train a dog to sit, you can start by luring your dog with a treat.

  • What are the traditional views on dog training treats?

  • Traditional views on dog training treats were that dogs should obey out of respect and love for their owner. And that edible rewards were cheating. Disobedience was treated with punishment, which was thought to be an unpleasant necessity in order to remain in control of the dog.

  • What are the best dog training treats for beginners?

  • Dog Trainer’s Top Picks for Training Treats High Value Dog Training Treats My go-to high value treats include small pieces of turkey hotdog or chicken, Vital Essentials Minnows, Northwest Naturals Lamb Liver, and Stella Chewy’s Beef Heart treats. Here’s Daisy, one of our office pups, showing how much she loves her high value minnow treats:

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