what age can puppies start agility training

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1 or 2 years

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  • How old do dogs have to be for agility?

  • Through the tunnel, over the jumps, and around the weave poles ?the canine obstacle course known as dog agility is fun to watch and even more fun to do. However, although both pure-bred and mixed breed dogs are welcome, they must be at least 15 months of age to compete.

  • What is the best age to start training a puppy?

  • Flat-work (pre-agility) There are a ton of things that you and your puppy can work on before he ever gets on any equipment, and you can start when your puppy is as young as eight weeks. Work on attention, targeting, tug games, running through jump uprights.

  • Is dog agility bad for young puppies?

  • As you probably know, dog agility has many benefits for both humans and pooches. For example, it a great source of exercise, a fun way to strengthen your bond, good to avoid behavioral issues, etc. However, there a certain age when your dog can start agility training! Yes, this sport can be bad or dangerous for your young puppy.

  • Should you teach your puppy to do agility?

  • As long as you choose agility prep activities that are appropriate for your puppy age, you and your dog will reap the benefits. Program manager of the AKC GoodDog! Helpline and longtime agility competitor, Penny Leigh, believes, 淚t is really a huge advantage to introduce puppies to foundation exercises and low-level equipment.

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