what age child potty trained

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Potty training is an important milestone in your child’s development. Most toddlers are ready to be potty trained by the age of18 to 24 months old,but some may not be ready even by the age of three years old. Potty training is an important milestone in a child development journey.

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  • What is the best age to start potty training?

  • It usually easier to wait until your child is at least around the age of 2 to start potty training. However, each child is different and you檒l know best if your child is ready to start a little before the age of 2 or a little later. Keep an eye out for signs that she ready to start potty training.

  • How to potty train a toddler?

  • Once he/she can see his/her parents use the potty, then your child will be very comfortable and your child will understand the need to go potty immediately. You can start by giving your child a few pats on the bottom as a sign that he/she needs to go potty.

  • Is your 4-year-old ready to be potty trained?

  • Most children become potty trained between 18 and 30 months. However, some children still struggle with the skills when they’re 4 years old. If you look closely, your child will tell you with his behavior that he’s probably ready to begin.

  • Where can I find support with potty training with a disabled child?

  • The charity Contact has a parents’ guide on potty training with a disabled child (PDF, 763kb). Visit the Contact website for further support and ways of getting in touch with other parents with a disabled child. You can contact ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity, for information on potty training.

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