what age should you start agility training

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Eighteen months old is the minimum age for competing in agility. However,you can start agility training at just under a year old,starting with jumps at a low height.

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  • When should I start agility training my puppy?

  • My answer is 渋f your puppy is under the age of one he most likely can start PRE -agility training right now, but training that includes, repetitive behaviors, jumping and contact equipment needs to wait until the puppy is older.?Starting a puppy too young can permanently damage its joints.

  • Can a 12 month old puppy do agility?

  • No puppy under 12 months old should do intense sports. In general, dogs can start agility training between 1 or 2 years of age. Too young puppies could hurt or injure themselves during agility courses. Before starting this activity, you should visit your vet.

  • What is agility training and why is it important?

  • According to Leigh, 淎gility is really just a series of tricks. So, introducing trick training to puppies is a great way to start building an agility foundation, plus it develops confidence and is fun for the puppy and the owner.?/div>It All Tricks Training: Preparing Your Puppy for Dog Agility

  • What age should I start pre-agility training?

  • With that in mind we will get started. Most puppies can start pre-agility training at 4 months of age, providing the instructor has knowledge of the proper exercises, equipment height and lesson durations.

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