what do marines do after basic training

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  • What happens after basic training in the Marine Corps?

  • After completing Marine Corps basic training, you will be given 10 days of leave before you must report to the School of Infantry. Infantry Marines will undergo two months of training at SOI, and other Marines will undergo just two weeks before transferring to their MOS school.

  • Is it hard to get through the Marines boot camp?

  • Only the best get through the Marines, so only the best and helpful skills and training are employed. Yes, all training is hard in the Marines but it won’t be as difficult as boot camp. When going to MCT you will have the best training on how to be a Marine physically and mental.

  • How to prepare for USMC basic training?

  • Additionally, the Marines begins with drill almost immediately. Thus, spending some time studying basic drill and ceremony goes a long way in preparation for USMC basic training. Lastly, familiarize yourself with Marine Corps military ranks and the 11 General Orders. 2. Marine Corps Basic Training Phases Explained

  • How long does it take to become a marine?

  • Marine Corps Basic Training Overview Marine Corps basic training lasts 12 weeks and pushes you to the absolute limits of strength and endurance. Image: Marines.com The United States Marines serves as the expeditionary and amphibious operations force for the military. Marine Corps basic training takes place at one of two locations:

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