what does a spotter do in weight training

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Spottershelp you check your formWeight training requires that you maintain form and use controlled movements. This practice often deteriorates when you are rushing or tired.

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  • What does a weightlifter spotter do?

  • The main goal of a spotter is to keep the weightlifter safe and prevent them from injuring themselves or others. Being able to adequately assist while spotting is essential to being a good spotter.

  • What is effective spotting in weight training?

  • Overall though, body balance and stability are the keys to effective spotting, along with adjusting to specific exercises being performed. Effective spotting happens even before a weight lifter begins a lift. Communication between the lifter and the spotter is important so that each knows the protocol for executing the lift properly.

  • Why do I need a spotter?

  • Working with a spotter can help you get a heavier weight into position. Without this assist you may not be able to safely position the weight to take advantage of the full range of motion required for the most benefit.

  • Should you workout with a spotter?

  • Working with a spotter can be especially important as you reach the point of exhaustion. As you near the end of a set the muscle should be tired enough that the last rep or two feels challenging.

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